The Community College Experience (3rd Edition) by Amy Baldwin M.A.

The Community College Experience (3rd Edition)

Book Title: The Community College Experience (3rd Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0132819872

Author: Amy Baldwin M.A.

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Amy Baldwin M.A. with The Community College Experience (3rd Edition)

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If students don’t know the “unwritten rules” for community college success – how might it impact them?  This book meets students where they are and helps them develop a plan to handle any situation. 


The Community College Experience recognizes Student Success is determined by motivation, preparation, knowledge, persistence, and relationships, the outcome largely measured by performance in other courses from the first term throughout the college career. Students are often not prepared for the social and cultural challenges such as meeting expectations, managing pressures on time, and navigating financial issues. Many of the standards for college success are indeed those “unwritten rules” that require an experienced perspective to anticipate, understand, and overcome. This text covers the topics students need to make the transition into a community college culture, become active learners, and make intelligent choices. Course materials are realistic and supportive. They resonate with diverse student backgrounds, including first-generation college students, students of color, returning adults, and others. Once students know the “rules” - written and unwritten – they can adapt their plan for a more successful college experience.