Life Hack 101: The Ultimate Guide to College Success by Jordan T Ball

Life Hack 101: The Ultimate Guide to College Success

Book Title: Life Hack 101: The Ultimate Guide to College Success

Publisher: Jordan T Ball

ISBN: 0692834621

Author: Jordan T Ball

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Jordan T Ball with Life Hack 101: The Ultimate Guide to College Success

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"This book is filled with little seeds that when fostered can change your life. Take them, Plant them, Water them, Enjoy the fruit." -Original quote from book- Books Unique Content and Characteristics: This book includes a number of materials that are innovative and exclusive to it. These items are but not limited to, The Golden rules for college 7 Habits of highly Effective College Students What questions to ask, and the right people for asking those questions to Inspirational quotes and excerpts A thank you letter First-hand relatable stories How to cultivate lasting relationships personally as well as professionally And so much more. "Enjoy the Bounty" Life Hack 101: The Ultimate Guide to College Success is what all students need who plan on continuing their education. IMAGINE looking at your future and you have no idea where to start, what to do, where to go, or who to talk to. You step back and take a look at the mountain of your future discouraged, and disheartened. Suddenly, from the distance, you hear a voice and see a light. This light is that of a guide who has climbed the mountain before and knows all the pitfalls and dead ends. “Life Hack 101: The Ultimate Guide to College Success” is that light. This book is a blueprint for molding students through easy to understand methods for success in life, and school which takes up a large part of most peoples lives. “Life Hack 101” is a map that directs you from any starting point in life, along your journey by information, and inspiration. Through this book, the reader will gain the tools necessary to erect a solid foundation for lifelong growth, cultivating relationships, and success. It includes clear guidelines and practical strategies that are necessary to excel scholastically adapted from Ph.D. professors, and students at various universities. This book offers inspirational quotes, first-hand accounts, reflection methods, research-based recommendations that act as the heart of the book, and so much more that will motivate and guide you along your path of success in school and in life.